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This is where the hard work comes.

First, gather up the materials to start the project. We used some spray paint to paint that white plastic back that you saw on our car.

Next, we spray-painted the metal back pieces of a plastic back and an oval-shaped white piece of paper into a pattern on the metal back pieces.

We had to paint them so it would have a nice shiny-matte finish. We then did some small lines and dots and added a little bit of shine and sparkle to enhance the look of the design of the front and back.

After all that was done, we used the same method for the outside of the car and painted it as well.

You could always make the inside of the car a bit different with your own design.

Let’s move on to the front of the car now! This front is much more intricate so we need to take extra care to make this look good!

After spraying about a foot of spray paint on our model of a Ferrari car. we used a medium sized brush and some paint spray paints.

After spraying the paint onto the body panel, we then took a small paint brush, and started painting it a little different color. In this case, we used a very dark brown color.

We then had to use a bit more paint than normal because the paint was dry already, so we needed to dry off some.

Here we can see that we haven’t painted it all over yet, so there is just a little bit of light gray on the body.

This will be our black paint color.

This is where things get even cleaner, and a bit more detailed and detailed.

This is how the front of the car looks from inside.

We will take a smaller piece of the plastic front and turn it.

Here is where we spray-painted the interior of the car. We are using a medium size brush and a paint spray paint to paint in this area.

This is the first time we have painted our car with this particular paint style that I have shown you. After this, we can start putting in the details of other parts of the car.

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to create this kind of car, and I would definitely love to see your progress on how you created this style of car!

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