How do you draw Yoda Easy? – How To Draw Cars 3 Logo Movie For Kids

That’s probably the first thing you want to think about when writing out this article. In order to answer that question to its fullest extent, it’s time to dive into the first thing to come to mind:

“Easy. Easy. Simple.”

You may have heard it before but when people ask me what was the most difficult thing to draw in the Star Wars universe, I always say: Yoda. Now for a few days now there has been a lot going on in my house with my mom. My sisters were up and the twins weren’t, so it was a good time to take some time for myself. The two things that always go hand in hand while on the weekends are time. And some money. So I decided it was time for me to make Yoda an easy drawing. This is how the finished picture turned out:

Yoda was very easy to draw and he is definitely not trying to be a hard character.

Yoda is easy to draw

Now while Yoda is not a character in the movie, it’s pretty evident that he is the main character of the film. That’s the reason Yoda is easy. He is a very simple character who is really just there to tell the story. What Yoda is trying to tell is this: “I am Yoda. I am not you. You’re not even really me. I am someone that I have created and for many people I am as close as possible to myself.”

So you should always approach your work a little differently while drawing a character. This goes for any kind of character. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman (there’s plenty of women out there that can be drawn either way). It’s always nice to have people who you look up to and admire. However, sometimes you don’t want the character to be a reflection of yourself. You need your own voice, your own vision. Maybe it’s something as harmless as looking up to a comic character. Maybe it’s something you think is a little out of the ordinary like the way you relate to your cat.

When it comes to Yoda, I knew I needed to try different things to achieve something that I really want to do in the futureā€¦

What are you waiting for? Go do something fun with that kid in your life and get his/her attention.

That’s all for today! If you have any things you would like me to consider as I write the next article

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