How much do indie filmmakers make? – Best Prosumer Video Cameras For Filmmaking Process

How much money do these independent filmmakers make as a percentage of their budget (including expenses). Based on a number of studies and calculations from different sources, I’ve estimated that these filmmakers get between 15% of their budget from distributors, 20% from distributors and 35% from the studios. The other 35% is taken from the budgets of the movies that they make. Note: I didn’t calculate the number of people that earn money from these independent filmmakers. However, it must be in the ballpark. The difference is not that much.

How does making independent movies affect my budget?

It does not. If you are really interested in a budget breakdown, check out “How to Get Rich Making Indie Movies.”
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Do I need a big budget?

If you can afford it, you want to spend it. Some of the indie movies in this list cost around $250,000. However, some of these movies are made with only $20,000 in their budget to start. I think it is safe to say, even if you are only spending $10,000 to make a movie, it will not hurt your budget. There are also more expensive movies in the world, but most of these movies cost between $15,000 and $30,000. Here, I have looked at the budget numbers for movies that have a budget of $15,000 or more, and I have combined that with the budget numbers for movies with budgets in single digits.

Do you need a lot of crew?

No. There are many more independent movies with a few or few hundred people that are released every year in the USA. There are many more independent movies in this list that have a budget of less than $10,000. You only need a crew of two or three people who are experienced. Some people think that crew is a necessity but it is not. Just about anything goes: people (sometimes a young child, sometimes not), tools, supplies, money. It does not really matter whether it is four people or five, two or six. If you do not already have any experience, it does not mean that you can’t shoot on an expensive film. It could be that you already have experience but there are many things that it takes to shoot on a budget. You need to be able to work the way a director does: a lot of communication between the crew and the director, and a lot of practice.

How do you find financing for your movie?

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