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Yes. There were jobs for flappers, and many women had to work their way through the business to get one. But there must have been some jobs for them. The most obvious one was as waitress. And the best ones you never saw. The restaurants never had waitresses in full time jobs, they didn’t think that was proper for a woman to work as a waitress. They were just in it as a sideline. The biggest, strongest, quickest, most athletic women they knew were in that business, too. Not really in it. No one was, really, until they got into the restaurant. And once I started to get there – a few years in, and I just was hooked already. My job there was to watch and observe, so to speak. I was kind of a gatherer, because when you get into something, you gotta do something, too. There’s all sorts of different kind of girls, and when you got a chance, you got to go talk to them. What was it like? Well. Well – I would say – it was kind of a bad-ass job. You’d never feel sorry for one of them because of what you were doing. You’re doing your job, whether you liked it or not. You can’t feel sorry for them. When I first got in, the owner, and the manager, and the other people doing it – they were all all good people. They all were nice. They were all nice. That was the reason why I decided I was going to work. I’d always been that way. If you were a good girl – you’re kind of an extension of the company. You get to know everyone. Maybe they’re trying to get you out of the job, or do something else, but you’re still a part of that world. So yes, I wouldn’t say they treated me badly at all. In fact, they seemed to like me, too. But I think there was also something about the place where I worked. It was the kind of place that was designed to put on shows – to make everybody, from all the different backgrounds, feel comfortable and welcome, even though they weren’t being paid any cash. And I’d feel so guilty if I didn’t. So I was there from the first day, you know, that’s how I worked. But if you had a bad day, you didn’t get much rest, really. You just had to go down to your room and start the day all over. Now
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