How do you do a flapper with short hair? – Flapper Style Dress With Sleeves

I started with a bob, but I really didn’t like it. So I tried another style – just a hair bow – and they looked so much better! We ended up using a wavy updo on top. But the next step was to try a high pony tail on top. A lot of men have no idea what a flat-nosed woman looks like with her hair long, so a lot of times they think she has short hair. In this case, I wanted something to show off that gorgeous hair. This was a bit more complicated because I had to keep the hair length consistent across my neckline. I ended up going with a short top that I just turned into a high braid. I really didn’t think it looked quite like a man’s wig, but it was so very beautiful – and I was so proud of myself for doing it!

What was your first movie role?

I started out in films such as The Hairy Bikers. I was also in a film called The Hairy Bikers. I came in and did it, but it wasn’t really that memorable.

Are you a movie buff?

I’m always on a movie marathon. I love movies like The Da Vinci Code. They’re very well acted, and they really get you thinking and giving a lot of thought. I like to put things into perspective and understand how things are. It’s really important to me that, as a woman, I understand the significance behind everything.

What do you usually put in your hair?

I’ve always used a lot of colognes and oils with a lot of vitamin E and essential oils. I love to use conditioners – they help with the maintenance of my hair.

What’s your hair transformation process usually look like?

Before we did our first shoot, I would take a shower, do my braid, and then we would go to the barber to do some hair-on-hair work. Sometimes we’d go into a barber to change the cuts but it was typically done by the end of the evening. I don’t like to change my style too frequently, but I do do it when I feel like it.

Are all of your hair styles hair-related, or all of them related to your personality?

The majority of my hair looks like it’s from one category or another, but there’s a lot that connects what kind of hair I have to the type of person

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