What accessories were popular in the 1920s? – Flapper Dress Costume Green

I think the most popular accessories were clothes-hinting rings. That was the most popular activity, as far as my parents were concerned; they even thought of it as a sport, I suppose. There are a lot of things that can stimulate your interest, as far as fashion is concerned.
Did you have any trouble with wearing your jewelry in public?
I had some difficulties, but for the most part I’ve managed to keep them out. The most difficult thing is the big ones that you feel uncomfortable going up to the big ladies with. I’m not really into them.
Do you ever put on your jewelry in front of a mirror?
No, I don’t. I don’t really get my fashion ideas from girls, any way. Just because they wear those things—I don’t really get them. I have to try something new, so I’m inclined to think, “I’m going to do this.”
What about a favorite accessory?
I think the most popular one in the 1920s was the bow tie. I got this idea in school, but I never wore anything but a bow tie. I didn’t really wear it much in my twenties, but at times I did. I got a lot of compliments about it.
Have you done anything in your younger years to give yourself a better look?
Well, I did go to a gym and I’ve been able to maintain it. I don’t really have an obsession with clothes anymore. It’s just, when I look at clothes now I get tired of it. I think that’s really all that’s important to me now. For all practical purposes, I’ve been able to keep my features as much as possible the same, but it’s not really an obsession. I don’t have any “attitudes.”
Who do you think has the best style in fashion today?
I think that there’s a kind of beauty in the individuality that’s being embraced, the individuality of those who are trying to define what a woman should be. I think that if a lady had a very good sense of what it took in fashion, which I don’t, she would not be so very different from the young lady who doesn’t have it.
What’s your definition of luxury? I feel like I’d hate it if somebody was saying, “Well, I’m going to have this thing, and it’s not so much expensive…it’s just really nice.”
Well, of course it’s nice to have an affordable luxury

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