What color were flapper dresses? – Flapper Dresses 1920S Gatsby Black

As mentioned before, I love flannel. Here are some of my favourite flannel dresses:

As with all dresses I make, these all come from one of my favorite stores: As with all dresses I make, these all come from one of my favorite stores: Fergie Bridal . I love this brand because I can buy what I need and have it on the rack in my closet for one of my favorite outfits.

A note on the color scheme – I’m a big fan of red, black, red, white, and blue. You know what these colors represent, right? These are pretty much the colors I use for my outfit, as well as my favorite colors to wear out and about.

Here’s the full collection! This is an incredible collection!

I’d love to see what you make of this outfit, especially if you’re a flapper-in-training. Do you like flannel? How do you think these dresses compare to other flannel dresses you own?

Have you made a flapper dress? Let us know in the comments below!

All images from: Fergie bridal

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