What colors were popular in the 1920’s?

There is no evidence to suggest that the color of these ladies’ outfits would correspond to whatever colors were being worn by the men on that era’s parade routes.

When did the ‘New Deal’ take effect? It didn’t happen quite so suddenly as might have been feared. The first waves of the New Deal’s anti-poverty programs did not begin to take effect until mid-February, with the largest spending programs taking effect in March. The first jobless benefit was introduced in late July, while the first federal farm program began in late September. As is often the case, the new spending laws were rolled out in much slower periods of time than had been the case in previous times of the New Deal’s duration.

Where were workers recruited? Most states offered some form of temporary, temporary-worker program that offered workers a temporary stipend to work at home or in some public sector jobs. By 1933, over 30% of states offered temporary aid. These programs were not without limits; workers had to be willing to work for less than six years at the wage and/or hours they were offered. Other programs were more limited. As a general rule, states were required to provide a maximum of $2,000 in benefits per year, or 1/20th of the annual median household income. The programs were not universal in scope, often requiring the state to establish a quota of workers in those programs, for each individual state.

How many workers was hired under a New Deal program? The figure varies somewhat depending upon who is talking. In 1934, there was an estimate by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that approximately 2.3 million people were employed in various forms of welfare. Of these 2.3 million, according to one estimate, 2.6 million worked in industries providing at least some employment for the public. The other 2.3 million worked in agriculture, farming, fishing, manufacturing, logging, mining, or similar occupations. (See Figure 3-3.)

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