What colors were popular in the 1980’s? – Vintage Flapper Dresses 1920S Photos

The color ‘blue’ was a major topic, since the 1980’s were a decade of political instability around the globe due to the Reagan Presidency. The United States found itself in the throes of Cold War tensions, and this color was always associated with military might and force.

What color was popular during the 1990’s?

There were several colorful colors used during the 1990’s, most notably orange. What you may have also noticed was the trend towards more muted shades of color. Today, you will often find a darker brown in dress shoes or accessories.

What color was popular in the 2000’s?

After the financial crisis hit the country, people found that color had been replaced by a new trend–a color that is light and airy, but still very warm.

What Color is Best for a White Dress Shoes?

White dress shoes often have the most natural tones of light blue or purple as well as navy blue, which are the colors that are most popular right now. Many white dress shoes also feature bright purple or green colors that offer natural color and contrast when mixed with red, white or blue.

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After a nice, quiet moment David goes over some of the highlights of his time on the show. He talks about the time that a fan who brought up his own son in the car was so angry

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