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Carrying toys with them is a popular activity in the 1920s and ’30s.

These toys were the size and shape of small dogs, and held up by thick rope cords.

A petting party was a private, social function at which people would pick up their favorite toys, and play with them, and have a laugh — but no one else can.

So how did they function? Well, the play would begin after everyone was dressed.

Then all participants would be required to take a small toy and set it as the center of attention. This could be a child’s stuffed animal, an animal that was in a box, a ball, or a doll.

It was not uncommon for the toy to be put on the floor at a spot or an end table with no furniture. A friend or relative could then pick the toy up and run through the house looking for pets to pet.

As they walked, everyone would place their favorite pet in the middle of the room or on their table.

After they pet a favorite toy, one would put the dog on a leash and go to the toy box while other friends and friends of friends would pet other pets.

How did these dogs behave? Many, if not most, showed aggression toward those around them.

In many instances, a dog would go to the middle of the room, bite any people or other pets that got close, and chase them all the way back to the corner.
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But even as dogs played with their friends, they still behaved aggressively toward their owners.

This behavior was an intentional attempt by owners to show that they meant well and were loving.

In fact, if you can understand how owners treated their pets and how those pets behaved, you can also understand how their owners treated their pets.

Many people wanted to show their pets were loving. And that they are able to be gentle with their pets.

These dogs were playing to make their owners see it in their pet’s eyes, and to show that they were good children. The owners had every right to show their pets love in a way that didn’t involve violence or threats.

The petting parties were part of everyday life at this time, and many families brought their pets to meet their guests — this was an important part of socializing and bonding.

In other words, the petting parties were a form of family bonding. A petting party was a form

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