What is Marcelled hair?

Marcelled hair (in Latin: Χαλεβλευς) is a name given to hair from the head region (head tufts of hair). It may have origins in the fact that there were hair plants around at that time (Corymbos), and thus hair would have originally been called ‘marmal’. Marced hair is also found in the hair of many animals because hairs of different hair types can intermingle (so called ‘marmal intermingling’): from snakes to elephants, birds to mammals.

The hair is called Χαλεβλευς because in Greek, it means Χαλεβλευς (Χαλεβλευς). Other names for hair include Χαλυγγραυς (Χαλυγραυτα, meaning ‘nose hair’) and Χαληφός νητι (Χαληφόα, meaning ‘little nose’).

How it was made Edit

The original source of the hair is now lost, although the hair seems to be a direct derivative of animal fur as shown in this picture of a lizard.

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Some historians believe the hair was made by wrapping a thin sheath of fur around the head of a animal and then tying it to the animal with a short piece of hide that was tied around the hair. This was then wrapped over the animal’s head. The hair became attached to the hair in the same way as a dog or horse’s wool or hair.

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