What kind of coats did flappers wear? – Etsy Roaring 20S Dress

Some wore the white or black coat, others the gold jacket. Some wore a jacket but not a full coat; others the gold skirt, or coat, with skirt, boots, and stockings; still others wore a jacket with skirt, or skirt without boots but a jacket. They could be in one of these three forms of wear:

•The most common flapper look was usually the short or short-sleeved coat, sometimes the cap and/or long coat.

•In recent decades there had been a number of more elaborate looks. For example, in the early 1960s, while many flappers wore the black skirt, many wore the skirt, cap, and coat. Many flapper-clones, like Mary Jane Krantz and Joan O’Laughlin, wore all three coats. Most notably, there were also some female flappers in the 1970s and 1980s whose styles included the long black skirt and cap, short-sleeved cap, the long-sleeved shirt with boots, and the boots without socks, and some who wore two different types of clothes – a cap coat with skirt, a skirt coat but without boots, and long-sleeved cap, long-sleeved shirt, and long-sleeved hat.

•Many times there were different looks for each of the three different flapper styles.

•Many flapper-clones in later decades wore a “style” which reflected what they thought would be best, but with two exceptions – for example, Joan O’Laughlin’s style, which included the long-sleeved cap and skirt, and Lili T. Tovar’s style, which included the cap and skirt and the long-sleeved shirt but made no distinctions among the three.

•One other fashion question about flappers had to do with clothing and hairstyles. How often did flappers wear straight hair? Did they often wear straight hair on their head? Were women considered “wearing their hair” if they wore it like a long skirt and a bra? Some of this was not clearly set forth in the flapper flapper manuals, but it’s worth noting.

In general, it didn’t seem to matter if a woman had straight hair or if she had hair that was in a braid. It was simply considered to be her style to wear a straight hair look on her head. It was not a “style” to be worn without a bra or without

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