Who made the flapper dress? – Black Flapper Dress For Children

JANE’S DAD: I did. The only one that I remember. My friend was working as a dressmaker at the time, so she came home and put this flapper dress in the closet where my dad was working. I loved it.

LUCIFER: Did you ever say anything to your parents?

JANE’S DAD: Oh, yeah. And they were great about it. My father and all those boys, when they worked, they were always looking over at the family and they would ask, “Where’s your wife?” and one day I just snapped back at them and said, “Yeah, we got one that’s like a tuxedo.” I said, “Well, you might as well get one of those. We got an empty suit.”

LUCIFER: Did it go over well with them at all?

JANE’S DAD: Oh, yeah. I’ll never forget how they felt. Like, “Well, thank you for sending us all the money.” My dad and all those guys were great.

LUCIFER: And you were the only guy dressed like that?

JANE’S DAD: Oh, no, I was the only one dressed like that.

LUCIFER: Do you remember when you first got this costume?

JANE’S DAD: Oh no. My friends took pictures.

LUCIFER: Did they ask you what it was?


LUCIFER: What kind of camera were you carrying?

JANE’S DAD: Not a camera, just a picture of my dad standing in front of a mirror, and it was like, “You got one that looks like a tuxedo for only $200?”

LUCIFER: Did your dad take it?

JANE’S DAD: Oh, yeah, we got all the photos. Then one day I asked him I don’t know how much money was he charging at that point… and he said, “It’s just money.” You know, like, “I can’t explain to you how much this is worth.”

LUCIFER: Did he tell you he made $500?

JANE’S DAD: Yeah, he said to me, like, “I got $500 for only $200

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