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What made the hat? Was it a man or his hat? Did he make her a flapper too?”

As this series has progressed we found ourselves watching the “girlie” scenes unfold on the computer, or, at least, we were aware of them. It’s amazing not that it took us so long to notice it, but that we managed it despite being distractedly reading the newspaper and having been distracted from it elsewhere. What was so special about the way we reacted, the way we watched them?

In my opinion, there was nothing that made us more or less excited to see our favourite girlie show. It might have been something that gave the show away in some way, but in the course of three seasons, we were presented with enough of a number to make us want the number anyway. We might not have been able to find the right number in advance, but the way the characters interacted helped us to find it. There was a rhythm to the way this happened; we were seeing the same stuff a few times, but we were in it together. It was like watching a game of chess. We could sit around for hours while watching the same thing.

The character we were watching, our favourite TV girlie show, seemed to be doing the same thing. In its final episode, Flapper Girl, the series finale of Flapper Girl, we got to see our favourite character being tortured by her nemesis. We watched her be humiliated. We watched her be made to wear a hat made by a fan, and we watched her be made to wear a dress. We watched as the hat was forced onto her head. We watched that the flapper had a head full of wrinkles. We watched that she felt the hat pull her hair and leave a white mark on her face. We watched her be made to look stupid. We watched that she was a bit sad. She was being forced from a position of power, a position of power which we already loved, and be put in a position of humiliating helplessness.

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The very next thing we were told was that we’d had to watch the whole series twice so they could record it, and we were told that if we didn’t like it they wouldn’t be back to make a new one for us. But our reaction was the same as it had been every time – the very idea that we’d have to watch three and a half hours of Flapper Girl, all the way to the end didn’t sound that bad, to

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