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The flappers, known today as mongols, wore a variety of different coats. A common theme was the striped double-breasted cap and the double-breasted jacket.

The common flapper coat was probably made of silk or linen. It had an opening at the front with a pocket on the left arm. The front of the coat was open at the neck. The sleeves were usually high at the chest level. The back of the coat was open. The neck was long and the arms were often quite short. The flapper’s coat was usually worn with a short, loose-fitting dress, a broad white belt with gold bands around the neck, and a white and black hat.

The flapper’s hat was similar to a wampum hat. It generally has stripes in it, and the flappers wear a round crown with a feather on top. The flapper’s hat sometimes has a ring around the top.

The wampum hat was probably made of cotton, and was often adorned with a golden band around the crown. Some flappers wore the wampum hat with an ornament like the gold crown on top.

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The double-breasted cap was very popular with the flappers. The large cap allowed the wearer, when perched outside at the corner of a street, to avoid a hatchet, which was very handy when you were out at night. The flapper could also keep a place for their hatchet with a round piece of paper on top.

As a result of the popularity of the flapper’s coat, many of the mongol street people of Pekin began to wear this type of coat. Street wear became so prevalent that not only mongols but also peasants dressed up as street people. This led to many flappers eventually finding work in many different branches of society.

The following are examples of the typical style of flapper’s garment.

Double-breasted cap (pictured).

The front of a flapper’s cap is sometimes cut high. In this case the cap has a strip that shows at the very bottom of the back. The stripes are usually black. Some mongol street folks also wore a black cravat on top of their cap. This had the black cravat on the cuffs and the white cravat on the back.

The flap on the top of the cap is usually black. The cravat has gold bands around the neck.

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