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Who was the most famous female pianist of the 1930s? What about the most famous female singer in the 1930s? When you think of all these amazing flappers in this country, many of them didn’t have much money. For those of you who’ve never heard of many of these singers and dancers or flappers, please do your research for a short while. In the 1920s all kinds of flappers were on the show, including Marmaduke Kincaid, Bessie Smith, the Little Rhiannon, Bessie Smith, the Lady Beers, Miss Ora, Miss Hush, Miss Deluca, Miss St. Charles, and all these amazing musicians like the Bea Arthur, the Edith Evans’s, the Doris Duke’s… I mean all of them. Some of these singers were known as little artists on the show which aired in the daytime, but at night, usually on some major network, they would play on the show, performing for a small audience or the public, such as the children who came in and watched them.

In the 1920s you could have a flapper like Bessie Smith, a flapper like Marmaduke Kincaid, and then you had another type of flapper that also was on the show–the Miss St. Charles who would play the piano. And again, these were all incredible musicians. But one of the most famous women in American entertainment history was none other than the famous music critic and author Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and you can read about her in my book and there were lots of other remarkable women who did amazing things in their life and that’s one reason why so many people gravitated to her. Browning was one of the most prolific American writers of the 20th century. It’s hard to believe that when we look back on this period and think about the flappers of this period, we were only looking at one type of flapper in the 1920s. The other types of flappers all came to the TV show, many were famous, like the Little Rhiannon, the Lady Beers, Miss Hush, Miss Deluca and Bessie Smith.

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Then there was the woman whose name is still associated with flapperdom today–the dancer and singer, Lillian Hellmann was on the show. She was actually a very well-known performer and flapper in the early 20th century, she was considered the second most famous flapper of the day. Then there’s an

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