How do you get electricity from a potato? – Free Energy Magnetic Motors Planse De Colorat

The answer can only be answered by the farmer who grows the potato which is the source of electricity.

There are two reasons potatoes work.

The first reason is related to the soil in their fields. Potato plants grow on a very specific type of soil called the ‘pasty’ soil. The soil that produces its greatest potato-producing productivity is the type of soil that sits on top of the Earth’s tectonic plates.

In order to grow the highest yield you need the soil that sits on top of the Earth’s tectonic plates to lie in exactly the right place. On a small scale that means that the earth’s crust acts as a kind of super soil. This means that the crust is a good insulator and the crust sits on a very thin layer of land that is close to the Earth’s surface at all times. This means that the crust is porous (like a sponge) and the soil in it is able to take heat and electricity but the result is that the potato plants never need electricity.

The second reason is related to the potato’s size. A potato is a very small pot (about the size of a grain of rice). If one could get a potato into a power plant to turn its lights on, then the effect of the potato would make the ground move in response to its movements and in turn this would keep the ground cooled. This is what happens when a small amount of electricity moves around the earth, that is the result of a potato growing, or if a potato is put into a small container (like a tin can) and placed on to a power line.

The reason that potatoes work is that they take up heat very efficiently for a given energy level (they are not big efficient) and they can be used to turn electricity on and off. A typical potato plant takes 40 million gallons of water and generates about 10 million watts of power.

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If you are ever to run your battery from a potato then you will need to provide it with much more water and heat to keep the electricity running smoothly than you would have to provide by running it directly from the sun.

Why did people build nuclear power stations in the mid-twentieth century?

Back then there was a lot of optimism that all the country’s energy problems could be solved by nuclear power. In 1957 nuclear power was installed for the whole nation in Ireland and Scotland . By 1961, Ireland had 1,050 nuclear reactors. The whole world was excited about nuclear but

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