Is free energy possible with magnets? – How To Make Free Energy Generator A Flywheel Generator Video

What about using a magnet to generate charge and drive electric current? What about using electricity and magnetism to generate electricity?

I wrote this article while travelling in the Pacific Northwest, and while researching my dissertation at the University of Washington.

Here’s some of what I found out while researching.


Electric field, charge and electric current are not the only types of particles. These include:

Plasma (electrons) – This may be any kind of ionized gas. These can be electrically charged to increase the potential energy through magnetic fields. Some electrons in plasma can be charged to the point where there is an electromagnetic field; some more than that (this is called fermion physics). Plasma is made of atoms and ions. The atoms have electric charge or repulsion of some kind. Plasma is not actually an energy source: It is an electrical energy source.

Charge – There are positive and negative charges in matter. An electron or hydrogen atom has a positive charge, as does a negatively charged cloud of electrons in the nucleus of an atom. The negative charge is so strong that it can cause an atom to explode. In the atomic universe, electrons and protons are arranged in a binary structure. If you wanted to create a particle with only one of every type of particle – either an electric charge or a charge with negative electric charge, which should you do? Obviously, the answer is the latter.

Current – Like current, the speed of current can vary. A current can be either positive or negative. Both electrical and magnetic currents have the energy stored in them, where the electric charge and magnetic charge will be equal. The magnetic charge (which is the force which keeps charge in bonds) can be stored in an ion that changes its electric charge. The opposite is also true: An electric current has little or no storage energy, but a magnetic current is a source of energy.

Gravity – Gravity always works the same for any two forces. If you look up, there is the force of gravity. If you move in either direction in the direction to which gravity is pulling you back to the starting point, you will get pulled down the same way if you continue in the same direction to which you started. This is gravity. There are no negative or positive forces for gravity. The force of gravity is just a force for a body to remain still. There is no force to overcome gravity. The body will continue to stay in the same position, just as

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