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I’ve played with a lot of artists who are into music production, but they’re all doing it to get better. For me it’s like, that’s not for me. I like to play at home or on the road with the sound that I’m comfortable with. But, like, if I get to that level where I’m like, I need to be like “I need to do this or that,” I can start learning the chords quickly.

Your new album, The Last Dance, sounds great, which brings to mind “All The Small Things” by John Cougar Mellanby. How did you come up with the chorus? I’ve always had a problem with the ending of my songs — I have to put in some verses, then I have to have some choruses, and then I have to have “The Last Dance” and “Don’t Ask” and “If You Need It” — but it goes too fast for me. It’s like, how much should I put in? I didn’t want to throw in the choruses and the verses at the same time. But, the verse is the song that’s most important, so I had to do it.

In a recent article titled Why I stopped smoking and started eating meat, Dr. David Kessler tells the story of the way he started his vegan diet in his mid-twenties. Here’s a more recent article from The Natural News:

Dr. Kessler, who has been vegan for two years, is back in business, in a big way. Having published a scientific paper with his colleagues in 2008 titled “Protein Restriction, Vegan Diet, and Blood Lipids” (available (free) at this link ), Dr. Kessler’s next publication was a medical book on the relationship between diet and blood lipids titled The New Lipid Report (also available via Amazon ).
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The two articles were, of course, complementary to each other. Dr. Kessler’s primary conclusion was that the dietary restriction he had recommended on veganism didn’t change the risk for serious diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and all-cause mortality (among others).

He published the study on the New Lipid Report in 1998. He published a book with a number of testimonials, including one by a man who said that while he was vegan he was on the verge of dying from a rare cancer that had yet to be identified and which required surgery.

Dr. Kessler concluded, on page 23,

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