What is an easy song to learn on guitar? – Must Learn Guitar Songs

Any song can be learned. If you have good guitar playing, you can teach someone to play the Easy Song. However, that is not easy to teach someone and you have to teach what is easy to learn. That means you will have to learn the hard stuff first.

Does it help to have music theory lessons?

Absolutely. It helps if you know theory, or have taught people. It also helps if you are familiar with guitar scales. There are two parts to the learning of scales. One for beginners and one for advanced practitioners. I like to focus on the easy part.

Is it fun to play Easy? Do you recommend it?

Oh yes, of course, because it is that good to play. I feel it is a very enjoyable guitar and you will be having a great time.

Any favorite songs?

Absolutely everything is beautiful. I love “The End of the Beginning.”

How long does it take to learn this? Like, 2 hours or 3 hours, 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours between 8-9am, 2 hours between 11am-3pm, at least 1 hour or so between 6pm-7pm, at least 1.5 hours from 7pm-8am after work?

It can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on what you do. If you have a lesson, you should have a full set by 8:45 or 9am. If you play on Friday morning, you are good. If you are a soloist there is no hurry. If you are a lesson at 4 p.m., you should start at 7:30 p.m. if it makes the lesson feel shorter and then resume. If you go out for a game and are in a rush, just go home until the time you get back.


Ethan Mascarenhas

How many songs are you willing to teach to people, and how many times does it take you to teach them?

I try to be fair and reasonable about it, but if it’s a game or homework, I would probably put that time aside. For any kind of lesson, though, I am happy to teach a bunch of songs that are easy to play. It just takes patience. I teach them in one sitting. That’s kind of the way it is for me. I teach an hour, and they can take the rest of the time they need.

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