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One of the many fun aspects of our blog is that we offer many video tutorials so you can also learn to take great photos.

You can also read more about editing in this post.

What is the difference between shooting and editing photos?

Both the photography and editing side of the business involve some creativity, so how does one tell the difference? Well you need to understand why they do what they do.

A great question.

A photo shoots photos and an editing job is a lot more complicated than you would imagine.

I have covered many video tutorials on how to edit photos on Photoshop & Lightroom but I wouldn’t want to show it all to everyone.

Why do you want to help me?

You will get great results with your photos.

It can be challenging to learn and learn is hard.

But, for some good results, you’ll have to overcome some challenges if you wish to learn photography.

Will this help me get better?


In the future, I’m going to offer new photo editing tutorials so you’ll be able to learn all there is to know about how to really turn that picture into a great result.

But what about you?

Are you willing to learn photography for the right reasons?

If so then I’d be happy to help you.

Is there anything else you can do for me?

No matter what your problem is, you have the power to really help it.

You can contact me and I’ll come to you.

If you want to be in touch contact me here on my blog and share the link with your friends on social media.

Can my business be promoted on LinkedIn?

You can try your luck but please be aware that there are more restrictions on LinkedIn than there are on other sites.

You’ll have to be approved but if you are successful with your job posting on LinkedIn, it will lead you to other job openings too.

Are any of the tutorials on this blog useful for beginners?

Of course.

It can be easy to get too stuck in the theory but I want to make sure that you’re confident with any job posting you do.

So I would advise you to follow along with what I have to say rather than try to implement it into your own routine.

Is there a course or website that I could borrow for photography that I

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