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(and how long each steps takes)

– The first step in editing is to do a basic “cut,” which may be a quick “wish” / “wish” to have a specific object. It’s like editing a poem where you’re trying to make sure you’ve got every line correct. You start by choosing what you want to cut, but this might be a word like “I” or “him.” Then you choose the words next to it, which are like your “lines.” You then have to decide how many words you want to cut for each person, and then you choose a size (or a range of sizes) and you cut.

This is how it works:

1. You pick the word or noun you’d like to cut. You say a prayer for the word or noun.

2. You say a prayer for the word.

3. The person says a prayer for the word or noun, which means “you will get my meaning here.”

If you’ve edited your poem and you think it doesn’t follow this simple process, that’s usually a sign that I’ve done something wrong (especially if you know where I live). The process for editing a poem is so complicated that it’s hard for me, myself, and readers to follow. It’s also hard for the writer to write a well-worded essay; I’m not an expert in the way that people do editing, and I’ve done the editing myself. So I rely on my many readers to help me get this process right.

One of the most helpful things I do is have other readers help me with a project. This often includes the following steps:

– Find two words or phrases you’d like to cut. I’ll go with these here, since they’re the two words I most often cut from my poems: “I” and “him.” I’ll also have you come up with a number of “lines” you could cut. I’ll have you start with a number of “lines” that are similar to each other, and I’ll ask you to choose the “lines” that are similar to the words on both “lines” for each of the words on one of the two “lines.” We’ll just think of them as “words.”

– Write the list. The list you write must have words or phrases that are similar to these “words,” and it must start with just one “word,” so there can’t be

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