Are there any free piano apps? – Keys To Learning Piano

Many free piano apps are available, such as the ones that were made for the iPhone. We also have many free acoustic piano apps which can be downloaded below. For those that want to spend a little more money, check out our best acoustic piano apps guide if you are new to playing a piano!

Do I have to be on iTunes to download piano piano apps?

No. While some apps will automatically download on your iOS device, others can be downloaded with a single click.

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Are there any keyboard apps?

Some keyboard apps are free while others are not, depending on your platform.

I don’t play on my smartphone. What can I use piano software for?

While not every app has piano functionality, the number of free piano apps is increasing all of the time!

There are also many apps that offer piano functionality, which are available for those with low to moderate incomes.

I love using the free version of piano software, what can I do to save money?

Whether you have just started or you have been using piano software for a while, there is still a cost associated with using it. These free piano apps are not always free as many are paid for.

You can save money using apps such as which gives your piano keyboard, instrument, and app a “Buy Now” option, or you can try out one of the paid programs by purchasing a license. Many of the apps below also offer additional features and can get better features in the future.

My kids love their app “Silly Play” and its music. Why does it cost me money to download it now?

Silly Play is a great game that can be played on your mobile phone, but it requires a license and sometimes the app will not work with your device.

Do I have to use a license for the iPhone?

Yes, many of the apps allow the license to be used to do all types of apps. Some licenses allow the license to only be used for music downloads which are not used for any other type of apps.

I need a license for my iPad and I don’t have a keyboard. Is this worth it?

Generally you should consider buying a keyboard if you want to use all of the free apps, but only use some of the apps on a regular basis.

Can I just give my children a license?

Most of the time it is not possible to give a child

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