Can I learn piano in 6 months? – Learn To Play Imagine On The Piano Youtube

Yes, you can take a piano lesson right now as it is free.

Do the lessons take place at the piano? Yes, they are in English (although you will listen to the music as you study – if that is your cup of tea!)

Am I welcome at the piano? Yes, you can join us as a regular student by contacting the staff member. You must meet all the following criteria:

Must be 18 years or over,

Must be a resident of the UK.

Must be able to provide a signed parental consent form. Please note: if you are over 18 years of age then you are not considered to have parental consent for this offer

Must hold a valid licence

Must be able to pass a course check

The course will take 6 months. It pays a rate of £50 a week. If you can meet the criteria, you are invited to join the waiting list on a first come, first served basis. It starts in March and is open to everyone.

Can I pay with Paypal? Yes, Paypal is accepted.

Can I take a class? Yes, there are classes and they are available to all students.

Are the lessons recorded? Yes, they are.

Do you offer private lessons? Yes, we also offer private lessons to students who cannot afford the regular lessons.

Can I send my work in to the university? Yes, we do this all the time. However, not as often.

Can I write my own music? Yes, you can do this all the time. You must register your compositions.
How To Form Major Chords And Major Scales On Piano - YouTube

Can you find out more about me? Yes, here is your guide to the university.

Will the music course be recorded, can I send it in? Yes it can! We just record the lessons, it’s free.

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Are there courses for classical piano? Yes, there are courses for classical piano. This is mainly due to the wide range of talents within classical piano. We are open for piano students of all levels.

Can I take piano for credit? Yes, you can take piano for credit in the following subjects: Composer’s Course

Music Theory Course

Performances/Courses (i.e. Musical Theatre for Children)

Conducting/Organization (i.e. College Theatre for the Performing Arts)

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