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Bobby Shmurda – I’ve seen a lot, man. I’ve seen so many people who are in the industry and their hands are hurting on their keyboard. They can’t pick a note. They can’t play notes. It’s horrible.

Is it harder to learn on a computer or a keyboard?

Bobby Shmurda – I’ve been through it. I’ve been through it like, I’m so proud and I’m so proud of how far we have come. We’re not where we’re at, like last year where I started to learn like piano and learning the chord sequences. I had all these chords, I didn’t know how to make chords. I’m learning them now and I learn all day. I’m loving it. I’m having fun with it now. It’s so easy to learn. I’ve always been learning. I’m having fun with it.

BJ the Chicago Kid – I wish I was. I’d be in the studio every morning with my piano, my guitar. I feel like that’s why I did what I did, learning. People should be able to just pick it up and do it. It’s beautiful music. It’s beautiful melody. It’s beautiful rhythm.

Are you thinking about the fact there will be so many new songs this year?

Bobby Shmurda – I’m not thinking about that. I’m not focusing on anything except to make a good album, for us, for a lot of people. I love the people who come back and come and come and play. I love the people who come back and come and play. It’s just cool to see it happen.

BJ the Chicago Kid – Well, it’s the first time the world has been able to hear one. The whole world. I love that.

You haven’t released a new song in five years. Is there a reason why?

Bobby Shmurda – Yeah. I was just having so much fun that it was like, why just want to be like, I’m just putting a new single out for you right now, right? (Laughs) I’ve been having so much fun, man.

You made a conscious decision that you didn’t want to do a new song in five years. Has it taken that long to figure out a way to do another one?

BJ the Chicago Kid – Oh you know, all of an hour.

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