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Well, some of the early pianists were taught to play piano by a piano teacher, so yes, a piano is an incredibly helpful tool. However, a piano will not allow you to “play” any real musical instruments.

If it does, what the heck is the point?

Piano can allow you to exercise the power of your mind, to expand your range of thoughts. But it cannot provide the mental dexterity needed to play an instrument — in fact, piano teaches your brain to believe that it’s playing an instrument, rather than feeling the instrument as you do in real life.

A pianist cannot create a note as if it were a real instrument.

So is it all about developing your “musical gift?”

A piano is simply a tool to help you master the piano. The piano is a device that trains your body, and your brain, so that when you go out in front of the piano every day of your life, you will develop the skills needed to do a good job at playing the piano. You will develop the ability to play the piano with confidence and to feel good at the piano.

The piano is not “the thing” you will learn to play. The piano will always be there to help you learn it.

Do you have a dream instrument?

So I guess you’re asking me … No — not really.

Yes, you probably have a dream instrument or two, like an upright violin. In fact, we had one person tell us that he had been playing an upright violin for over 50 years before he discovered the power of music. His instrument didn’t matter when he first discovered it. He learned to play it because he found it “easy to play.”

Yes, you probably have a favorite style of guitar. Maybe you love picking a different tune on each chord every time you want to play one. Maybe you prefer a rhythm guitar to a blues guitar. You might have one of those classic acoustic guitars or an electric guitar that’s just something you want to play to hear other people playing. You might have one of those fancy acoustic pianos you play every few years in class.
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It’s a nice idea. But it’s just not practical for someone just wanting to learn. Piano playing is the only way to learn any instrument.

Do you have anything at all in your hands or on your person that would help you? I mean, that could be a piano — but no. All

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