Can you learn piano on a keyboard?

I guess so.

You have two sisters, I think you might know them by name?


When did you meet them? What happened the first time you met them?

I was in the eighth grade, and we went to the same school, and I got introduced to them.

So did he ask you to play him, or did he take you out to the car and just tell you to play?

I was in a piano lesson, and I was playing and he said “I want to talk to you about music.”

When did that first conversation happen?

Two days before he died.

What kind of conversation?

“You’re going to love it because I’m gonna put you on.”

Do you remember what you said? I don’t remember exactly what I said … you were the one to say nothing at all?

No, I knew what I had to say because he had told me that he was going to call and I was going to go to the studio to play him, I would tell him where we were going [of a live performance]. And that’s what he told me.

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How did the two of you deal with your own music? Do you still do it?

No, no, no.

You don’t know a lot about me? Is that correct?

I don’t know a lot about you, either. [Laughs] That is correct.

Okay. I am sorry I missed my appointment.

Well thank you.

This is my first time doing anything, thank you for the question!

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