Do I need 88 keys to learn piano?

No, just 5 – you won’t learn any better that way!

What can an old piano be salvaged for? You can learn some easy, old-fashioned lessons on how to properly use a cheap one (like this $70 one from Amazon that comes with a manual).

Can I borrow an older model to hear what it sounds like? If you’re interested, but you like the sound of a new one, you can keep it as a spare. Just make sure to get the right one (there are many that sound terrible on accident, and you don’t want anyone accidentally using yours).

Can I sell or trade my old piano? Of course. This is a very popular hobby and people are willing to do anything to win a new one.

Do I really need an electric piano? Yes – it can help keep you motivated and make you a better pianist!

Where can I find vintage pianos? I’ve listed some of them on the website, but it will take a while to get to them all 🙂

The number of unemployed workers has fallen to 11.6% of those in the workforce, and that number is rising at the fastest pace since the start of the recession.

That means nearly 12 million Americans are now out of work.

The latest data show 5.3 million Americans are unemployed, 5.2 million of whom are women.

The latest figures from the government on Thursday show that the labor market has not been as hot as in past recessions. The number of unemployed workers fell by 22,000 over the last three months, which is the same level of job growth as the recession’s end began.

But job growth has been slower than the 3.2 million jobs created during President Barack Obama’s eight years in office. As many as 11 million Americans have been unable to find work at all, and about 1.3 million of them have been jobless for more than a year. Most of those are employed at low-level jobs or are only working one to two hours per week.

The unemployment rate for people 16 or older was 7.7% last month. For that age group, the jobless rate is now 11.6%.

On the other end of the spectrum, people 18 to 24 were about 1.1 million jobs short of full-time in March, according to an employment report released Wednesday by the Labor Department. It was the slowest rate of employment growth in more than two years