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And how many fingers do you have? If you have some sort of finger structure, that might be different. If you’re playing with your left hand in the right hand, that might be different.

Now, there do seem to be two fundamental questions about finger structure:

First, where do those chords come from? If you’re a non-pianist, how do you get started learning how to play piano chords?

In terms of fingers and finger structure, what is the correct answer?

I guess you could try using the rules of thumb that have worked well for everyone else:

(1) The right-handed thumb shapes the left-handed chords

(2) The left-handed thumb shapes the right-handed chords

(3) Both hands have the left hand as dominant

This works for me, for many people. Some people have different arrangements of right and left thumb patterns. Some people have a pattern that’s different for some fingers, and different for others. For instance, some people have the left-handed thumb as dominant to the right-handed thumb. Others have the left-handed thumb as dominant to both.

The basic pattern of thumb shapes is just what you’re used to. If you’re more musical, your thumb could be different for each hand. For instance, if you’ve played rock and folk music and classical music, it might be different for your left hand than it is for your right hand. Or, it might be the same pattern for both.

What is the correct way to learn finger theory for fingering the chords with both hands?

I’ll tell you how I used my left hand, and if it’s what you’re all thinking, you could try this too:

(1) Practice the chord structure:

To practice this, you can go to any jazz lesson with a left hand, and play the first chord of each scale in the scale using the two hands. Once that’s done, practice the chord structure with the hands you already have for playing the chord structure, moving on to the next scale after that.

If you have more than one chord in the scale above, I recommend moving away from them gradually. You want to see how the first chord changes sound over time, rather than starting with one chord.

Learning Piano Chords
Also, try to use your right hand for the chord structure on the left hand. The right hand is the dominant hand. It’s the one that

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