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If so, don’t try to play just with your left hand. Use the right hand for certain notes. If the keyboard has a mute key down or you are playing a melody that has a pause (e.g., “The Star-Spangled Banner”) you might just use two hands (one for mute and another for playing notes on the chord). Or you could play a melody that has a pause but you also pick up a few chords and solo with those chords (e.g., “The Star-Spangled Banner” – both hands are used for the melody).

When you play “the Star-Spangled Banner” with both hands, you will play more notes on this melody than in a single hand play. It will be hard to notice because you’ll be playing both hands at once. I usually keep a little notebook with me – it is filled with my play-alongs from the past. And I always try to play the solos with every hand, not just the left hand only. I don’t play this one very slowly, just quick notes on my fingers. There are lots of examples of this solo in my solo book.

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