How do you play piano with both hands?

I was playing guitar and playing piano when I was younger. The difference now is that I can still sing and play guitar, and when the song I’m playing comes through and I sing with the wrong hand, my voice starts to get a little quieter and I can’t get the right pitch. To make it even worse, I try to make up for it by playing a little harder, and I end up just getting frustrated because sometimes I’m able to sing but can’t play. At this point, I’m still trying to figure out what I can do to make it stop. It’s not that I can’t keep singing with my right hand, so no, it’s not a problem. It’s just that my voice does not sing and play really well with left-handed hands.

So I’m stuck with left-handed guitar?

Exactly. And my left hands… I have some great lefties. And I don’t try to hide it. I’ll say ‘Hey, guys, would you do a bass part for me? Because you know what? I can really play a bass line with a left hand — it really feels really right.’ Or I’ll say ‘Hey, guys, you know what? I can sing on drums with a right hand too, but then I have this weird voice that I’ve got to learn to sing better with my left hand.’ They’ll always tell me: ‘You have a really nice lefty voice, like a girl.’ Sometimes I’ll have a girl or a guy say it just for me. I still love doing shows where some guy’s telling me that I can sing with both hands, or they have two girls and I can sing with a left-handed hand. It’s an honor, and it’s something I’ll never get over.

Photo by Dave Niehaus

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I see some of your new music being heard and liked on places like Spotify. What do you think is the driving force here?

I think that there’s a lot of people who come to an event, and they know that the music and the songs they’re hearing can only happen there. The music’s not as loud or weird like the shows you’re used to, but it just sounds weird and amazing. So once they’ve said, ‘Hey, I really want to listen to a track, I gotta come to a show to like it,’ they think about it really thoroughly. Then I go to an event and I get to meet and hang out with