How many hours a day should I practice piano?

The most consistent advice that a beginner piano student receives is that they should practice between eight and twelve hours per day. If they only practiced between one and two hours per day and had no difficulties they should continue playing.

Should I practice an hour on Mondays or Thursdays?

In my opinion, a beginner should not practice on Mondays and Thursdays only. It is important to build a strong foundation for the piano until they understand how the music can be written and performed at these times.

In what form should I practise the piano?

The type of piano that you need depends on the quality and flexibility of your hand and the way you want to develop a deeper sense of melody and sound. The more time that one spends reading and studying music, the more proficient they become at reading music in an accurate and beautiful manner.

What can I expect from my music teacher?

Once you become established with the piano, your music teacher will be responsible for helping you with the technique and theory of the piano, developing your ability to practice, and assisting you with your everyday life skills.

What music teachers should I talk to?

The most important questions you need to ask your music teacher are questions such as:

What will you do during my practice?

How often should I practise and how should I take breaks?

How does music sound? Can I hear the music by itself?

What music skills do I need to develop?

How can I develop my technique?

How should I play with a partner?

What should I listen for?

Do I have many music recordings to listen to?

If my piano teacher asks, should I play or read a lot?

How should I learn?

What is an active ear?

Should I practice on TV?

Should I listen to music on the radio?

Should I wear headphones?

Should I use a laptop while playing when doing exercises?

Are there any other books or music to play while using the piano?

What if I want, I want to learn music, but I don’t have the time or money to go out and buy music from the library?

Should I do anything beyond the written sheet music?

Should I practise the notes on my own, or will I have to buy my own?

If I am asked if I have any questions, what should I say?