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You should practice every afternoon and evening for three days in a row. That’s about the time you should really focus in the lesson time. At first you won’t feel confident in how you’re doing – you’ll feel like your playing is really bad. You might also feel like there’s a bit of frustration too. But if there’s nothing happening then all that matters is to get all the exercises down properly.

You’re going to need to train a lot of muscle memory and practice some mental technique as well. That requires practice; you may not have any time to do these things.

So should you work on something that requires a lot of time and lots of practice or spend that time in a completely new way? It depends which way you want to practise. This is why I recommend you start with basic patterns, then refine them and continue refining them in your practice.

Remember that practice without structure is nothing but a waste of time!

I can’t guarantee that when you’re doing exercises your technique will be better. Don’t take this statement as your absolute truth, but you have to keep a clear head and try to follow some rules. So practice something new for a while and use what you’ve learned until it’s better. Eventually you’ll have a completely new technique and no longer need to practice anything that’s been going wrong before. (Unless you’re not allowed to practice piano at all!)

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What should you practice?

It depends on what exercises you want to do. Try to stay within the bounds of what you’ve already learned to reach your maximum potential.

You can find a great resource for free piano training courses – practice your way to perfect technique. That site has lots of useful videos. In general you should focus on basic patterns that you can practice with nothing else. I like to use these basic patterns in my daily practice routines. Here’s a video to get you started with it:

Here’s a great guide to playing piano in a natural manner in which I emphasize repetition over progressions. It can help you to focus in the practice process, to be able to focus on one instrument at a time. I wrote that article myself; it wasn’t exactly like this.

Another good resource for training is The Perfect Piano DVD. It’s full of great piano coaching tips that will help you be more efficient at playing the piano, and it’s free. It’s worth it!

Now that you have some background and have a firm understanding

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