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A: It may take a bit. If you’re looking for a simple explanation, just try to imagine playing violin once. If you can, look at how far off you can get. The more music you play, the faster you can hit the right note.

(Q) What does “mamma Mia” mean?

A: Mamma Mia was a song written by Mary Jackson. It had a catchy melody. It was in the air from 1938 until her death at age 39 on Sept. 17, 1974 in Memphis.

(Q) If I have my baby mama on the back couch, how long did it take to learn how to play a piano?

A: That’s an interesting question. There are several factors involved. Not only are you practicing, but also learning a new musical language. (The key is to learn how to tune the ear.)

In general, if the teacher teaches you how to do something, it may take more time than they say it will. If you listen carefully to what the teacher says, you might ask yourself, ‘How much more time is there before the day I am going to need to make this sound correct?’

Another consideration is how many piano lessons to take. If you’re a beginner, it may take a lot longer just to play one piece on a piano to feel comfortable. The practice routine will have you practice a variety of exercises to gradually learn the piano.

Remember that the piano requires practice to become natural at the instrument. Many parents have to put up with their children not being able to play the piano by the age of eight.


(Author’s Note: The “musical language” in question is something called “rhythm.” For more details on rhythm, please see the links section.)

In addition to the above problems, it is also true that a good teacher has a way of making sure that what the child is doing is the correct thing to do.

Also, many children feel more comfortable playing violin or other music when they are well taught. (I’ve heard lots of the parents say that they didn’t know how to play violin until it was clear that their kids didn’t either.)

(Q) If my child plays music for an hour without problems, why would he/she need a teacher in the first place?
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A: Music

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