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61 keys is more than enough.
Piano chords for beginners: learn four chords to play ...

Can somebody who doesn’t know the keyboard be part of the group?

Not really.

They want you for the musical talent and the personality, but they want you because they really know how to play?


So, they want “the perfect” keyboard player, so they will try every idea they have before they let you join.

Well, they wouldn’t want a guy like me…

They don’t.

They’re playing with you because they want you to succeed.

I’m pretty sure if I was in that situation, I’d want to play the keys so badly that if they asked me to quit after I got it right that there’d be no way I could accept that…

What would you do?

Wouldn’t I do that? No… I’d definitely try to do it again…

What if you get a key and it comes up wrong?

That would be really hard.

What if someone says you can’t do it or it doesn’t work for you?

There was a lot of trouble.

It all depends on how your band plays. But when you put those things in a band, people will listen. They have to listen to somebody who knows what they’re doing, and who’s trying to do something that they shouldn’t do. Someone with no previous musical experience.

So, I think the key is learning. When someone makes a mistake, you have to remember that it’s a good chance to learn something new, and to try another musical idea. And in my opinion the best way to learn anything is to try it on and then give up on it for a while, so it changes your perspective and gives you something new to look at and work with.

Do you like any of your old guitar solos?

Actually, I do. They’re great to look at. I’d like to do a few more…

So you’re not planning on changing the sound?

Not at all.

Can you do them?

Yeah. I’ve thought about that. I had this idea about not changing much. I think that’s a great way to play. If you think of something and then go back and listen to it, I think you’ll always hear something different. So, if I did something completely different, if that’s different from whatever

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