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In general terms, it’s probably not. It’s more in the nature of how the sound and feel of the music comes into play. That’s generally very different than a cello or flute or a bass. A lot of this can be attributed to the technique we use—a lot of our own playing and being able to communicate between ourselves while working on a piece. There are a lot of ways to achieve that.

How do you choose which instruments you use?

We always have some idea of which instrument is suitable in a particular space, such as the house. But then we do a lot of experimentation and experimentation with the instruments, and some instruments become more popular than others. We don’t even know where they came from, as far as we can tell.

Are you ever tempted to change a musical instrument or make a mistake?

It’s not really a conscious decision to make. We can never ever have the perfect instrument for the job. It comes from our passion and our work. We have the best intentions in all of this. When we make a mistake there’s an inherent risk of changing it. If you’re working on an organ or a piano—we’ve had some pretty terrible moments where that hasn’t worked out well and we change that.

I read you’re an open book. You’re an all-inclusive type of guy.

I like to be in front of everybody when we have something happening, as open as possible to the world. When we’re on tour we are a lot more open in that way. But if we have some big problems at the house, we’re all really open to changing how we have the sound and being more open with that—that way things go much faster. That was more open when we were making it originally, and is still to be more open with. But it’s a huge sacrifice.

Why Piano Is The Best Instrument To Learn First - Suzan Stroud

What has been your favorite production, recording or performance of yours?

When the band started we thought we’d be the last ones to know all the things. We were such a good band that our records came out really quickly. When we started recording we didn’t know how much time we had and were able to get much more done. We’re both really happy with the way things went. The way the record comes together is really easy; people can hear the ideas, the music and how you work. It came out really, really clean and professional. The best thing we’ve done in that kind

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