Is piano the hardest instrument?

We do see a lot of pianos in the movies or on TV…but it can be very hard to learn, as you say.

What’s the most annoying thing you’ve ever seen on TV or at the concert hall (outside of an annoying song)?

Oh my God, a pianist that was standing just by the stage!

Any final comments?

This is really a wonderful and inspiring subject for musicians to understand so well that it’s hard for people outside the musical community to understand it.

Have you seen anything you find interesting?

We haven’t come across any new musical concepts or styles.

So what about you? Do you think they’re new inventions of popular art?

No one knows what is going on here…the only thing that I will say is we have lots of composers from all over …many of them musicians and many of them non musicians…and there is a rich tradition that goes back many centuries. I don’t know about there being any new things in music…maybe it’s all going wrong in pop music?

It was so refreshing in your reading to see the “great thing” being made by musicians – the more of us who write and perform and the more that we understand about music and art and all the ways that it can affect us…

I think that the only thing we have to fear is ourselves and not making things too “realistic.”

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