Should I learn piano or guitar first?

This question is a huge one.

People ask you all the time why you haven’t picked up the piano or guitar to sing in a band. Well, there’s the good news…

Playing music isn’t “easier” or “more fun” than playing any other skill. Playing music requires the same amount of effort as it does eating, sleeping, or lifting.

In fact, playing music doesn’t require a lot of mental energy at all.

This brings me back to learning music from beginning to the end (a.k.a. from start to finish).

As a musician, you may be tempted simply to “learn” the piano or guitar on the spot, so you can quickly learn it when you have the chance.

This is often done to teach more advanced songs or to “improve” on a song you already know.

But this can come up again and again as you become more experienced in the area.

How many times have you wanted to give a solo or improvisation a try because you can’t sing it?

There’s no need.

Once you get the hang of it, songs almost feel easier and the music is just more fun.

Once you do “make the transition” into learning music, you’ll find that you’ve only become a better musician.

Your new skills will shine even brighter and your confidence will sky-rocket.

There are many other reasons to learn music from beginning to finish, as well, but by default, I’d suggest spending some time practicing to get used to what you’re doing with your hands and to master your timing and technique.

2nd Grade - fun piano learning
Once you do this, you’ll become a musician better than you know.

Learning on the Job

If you’re going to learn music on the job, do the time on it.

As for piano and guitar, you’ll do fine first try if you can learn a little of it at home first.

If you’re doing this as a full-time job, I’d consider having a teacher help to introduce you to the skills.

If you’re going to do it for a freelance project, I would suggest working on your vocal chops and learn the chords in a free online chord book to get you started.

This way you can learn as many chords as you want and try different melodies to see which ones you can play well.

Of course, this is an