What age is best to start piano lessons?

I am trying to raise awareness for these ages. Please let me know which age would fit best. Also, is it advisable to begin piano lessons at piano age or earlier, e.g. at 8th grade? My daughter was born around 2 years old. Would she like to play piano or would she rather learn in a piano class, and then in piano. Thank you!

Hi, I teach piano and also play the piano in bands, i have recently done my senior year of high school and recently got a job with a local company. So my question is, is it better to start piano lessons in high school before you turn 18, or start your lessons at age 8 or 8.5? Thanks!

Hi, Yes, in my opinion it’s better to start the lessons at 8 or 8.5 instead of 17, and the right age to learn in most cases is ages 9 to 12.

I’m a parent and am trying to raise awareness for these ages. It seems important to play music together with your kids, and I am trying to find some ways to help my daughter learn to get into music more efficiently by trying different programs at her school. I am worried that all music programs will be the same age and have similar programs and teachers. I am trying to find some programs that fit her age and her musical ability. My daughter really likes to play on piano, and she knows how to play music and has the ability to play well. She just needs some help getting started! If it is ok with you, would you please explain the importance of getting started?

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Hi, I just heard that piano is a skill that only a certain age has. I am not sure if these skills are hereditary or how much they affect a person before puberty. I do not see why we would want to encourage playing pianos before this age, especially if you can’t get started! Thanks!

Can someone tell me: where to get the most suitable teacher as a student to take piano lessons in my area? I live outside of London, where it isn’t too easy to find a professional teacher on a day to day basis. In general, I would say that it’s best to get a teacher from somewhere outside the English-speaking world.

I am trying to find a place to do the first piano lessons for my daughter, who is 16. I know there are quite a few schools offering lessons, but I have no idea where she should be. I am living in a smaller