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The black keys on the piano are actually key holes, and each can be used up separately with a set of keys. As in the above example, the hole for a regular piano keys is the lowest key. The hole for the black key is actually the highest octave hole. By making this distinction, you can know with certainty which hole on each piano will make the sound you are looking for… or at least which is the closest one. If you want to learn more about piano keys, visit the piano lessons section of our website.

Note: We are not responsible if your piano or other musical instrument breaks or damages during use. Always take a piano apart in case of damage before proceeding with your project.

What keyhole patterns are there?

Keys in the keys of a piano are called diatonic. This means that they are only one octave apart. The diatonic diatonic patterns are listed below:

0 – 5 : This is one octave lower, and is generally the highest octave.

5 – 6 : This is one octave higher, and is generally the lowest octave

7 – 9 : This is one octave higher, but is lower than the 0 or 5 chords.

9 – 12 : This is one octave higher than the 5 but is lower than the 7 and 12 chords, but is higher than the 4 chord.

12 – 14 : This is one octave higher than the 6 chord, but is slightly higher than the 10 chord.

16 – 18 : This is one octave higher than the 9 chord except the B, but lower than the 12 chord.

18 – 22 : This is one octave higher than the 13 , but lower than the 18 chord.

When should I use keyhole patterns?

You can create your instrument and use keyhole patterns wherever you want to play the musical notes and chords. This is how they are used in classical music:

If you have only one keyhole pattern, start with one at a time… and the keyhole pattern becomes a musical melody. When you are sure that this is your keyhole pattern, start with the other one.

To learn more about keys, see the keyhole pattern section of our website.

The keyhole pattern is also used on the piano keys. One keyhole pattern is used to define which notes on the piano keys produce musical notes. For example, the B key has

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