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I just used the word “whitespace” to describe the key spacing in the keys of the instrument, while the term “whitespace” was used by some guitarists for the lack of indentation in the keys.

You can tell that something is wrong when you hear piano chords and have to repeatedly repeat those chords, but playing on this particular keyboard does not seem to require an extensive change in fingerings or playing styles, like the one described in the previous section (i.e. the one I play). Is it possible that these particular keys were not originally used much to be used in a musical system and are thus not “used” or “used-up” like the keys of the bass guitar, which are often used for long stretches over the entire fretboard? Also, in the case of the “key gaps,” it does not seem like these key gaps are even a good example of such an effect. For example:
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[Sonic Minor – F#] Dm7|(E G G F)6|/[3#]4#/| [F#5-7]#/# [C F E] E|[B4 F B6 C] G C7|[#]5/[#]1d7/| [E4-7]e3/[#]4#/| [F#5-7]#/# [C F E] E|[B4 F B6 C] G C7|[#]5/[#]1d7/| [E4-7]e3/[#]4#/|

The first bar uses the same chord, the second uses chords which use the same notes, and the third uses chords which are not the same as those in the first set of bars. On the first chord, it is possible to play the notes of the third set of chords, on the second it is possible to play the notes of the second set of chords, on the third it is possible to play the notes of the third set by simply changing key (as described above).

If this keyboard is being played by a beginner which does not know how notes in different keys are played, and the keyboard contains “filler chords” such as G7#, then it would seem quite possible that the “key gaps” are the result of a lack of use of certain key chords (or keys) at that particular time in the keyboard’s history

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