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A ‘small’ piano might be something you can reach in your hand. But it could be large, like a large cathedral! A classical pianist is not just going to reach to play a small piece of music. She wants to play a really big piece of music! It’s very important to practice your instrument with a bigger set of rules and scales.

The piano’s scale is a complicated series of notes that are often referred to as the ‘Bach system’ – from the lower (flat) note to the higher (sharp) note (or major triad). It’s not so much a system of notes, however, as it is a set of guidelines used to measure the ‘musical’ qualities of a piano sound.

How the piano scale is found:

The ‘Bach system’ is divided into 5 (not counting the octave) scales and 7 (not counting the octave) scales:





harmonic minor

harmonic major

Minor Minor scale scale name Major Minor scale name Minor major scale name

Minor is the scale you begin with when you’re ready for lessons! You can learn it as a beginner scales, with just one or two notes (a minor seventh). The scale is typically 6-6-6-5-2-1. The scale starts with the F (root) note which is a note that starts on a scale. (It also happens to be the root note of the ‘chord’ which happens to be 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.) So the note that starts off this scale is an F. In other words, F#, B, B, F, C, C, D. F# is not the F but a different note which you can use to work with.

Major Minor scale A major minor scale A major minor scale scale name Major minor scale name

super super-major

super-super Major Major scale

C# minor minor scale

D minor major scale

E minor super-major

F# minor major scale

G# minor major scale

A# minor minor scale

The scale can also be divided into a series of four notes (the fifth being a flat). They are the root note, a sharp note, a C (root) note and the sharp C note. So the same scale can be divided as C minor, D

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