What keyboard is most like a piano?

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It depends. I think a keyboard is a fairly simple structure for making music, and so the most similar is a piano — a very simple device. But I think I like to play with keys from about 20 to 40 year old (notebook keys in my opinion).

It’s been a lifetime since I played a piano. The past few days I have been using a keyboard and have not felt my legs, just having to get up and move around the room. I’m using the Synthol Keys and I feel much more mobile than last time I used one.

If I did not have keyboard, I’d buy one of those fancy multi-keys, but those keys are a little too heavy and you can’t just pick up a couple with a little force.

So the keyboard can be a good thing and in addition will take the pain out of it if its designed really well. So I really like the new one we got from Yamaha, so I should buy one.

The Yamaha Synthol KX2

A few words about the Synthol KX2. The key is the keys — it’s so good for you to play things more deeply. You just start with one note and after that you play with other parts of the piano. And what’s good is that it is so flexible, it can do anything that you want it to. So even if you could only use the keys on a computer, it will do so just perfect. Like it did last time, there’s a built-in piano key control so you can always play from either side.

That was good.

You can buy it here – Yamaha Synthesiser Keyboard KX2 – US$399.

When will you work out a more professional keyboard like this one?

To be honest, we have no desire to get back to making the keyboard to sell it. It’s still quite a piece of junk. It’s just that I started to build this keyboard, at least some of this keyboard, and in the end it’s just a bit of junk.

My interest was to build a professional keyboard, so I would like to make it as professional as possible, and this is the way I like it to be. So that’s what I like my keyboard to be.

That’s quite a complex thing to explain, what do you mean by ‘professional’?

Professional means it’s a good deal and its not something we want to