What makes a piano expensive?

While I don’t know if any major manufacturers have any of the things I have mentioned, I do know enough about what makes a piano a piano to understand that for one thing, it can’t be cheap.

Even the most expensive pianos are built to very specific dimensions and weight parameters, to make very expensive instruments.

One of the main factors is that a piano is built around a mechanism that will not fail. This is referred to as a structural frame, and it is designed to endure the forces of impact, tension, and compression. This is why a standard piano’s body, or its keyboard itself, is built around a steel rod or bar that has a high, high tensile strength. These parts must endure many millions of pounds in impact force over many years before they break, and they will always be there long after the piano has passed beyond the point where it needs to break down. In the old days, piano bodies and keyboards were often built with springs that were designed to hold the keys in place when a piano was being played, but these days most piano bodies are built up using springs that have a very high tensile strength. This means that a piano will never ever crack from impact force. And of course the keys have to be very rigid to withstand even those kinds of high impact loads, so if a piano’s keys were to get too loose, they would break down, because they are made of soft plastic and would be a poor way to carry stress.

There are many more reasons why a piano’s construction needs to be very special. But they’re too many to go into here.

So if, while you may want to build a piano on the cheap, you’re going to expect one of the more expensive instruments, you may need to plan an extra $50 or $100 extra to make it more than the same size as the standard standard piano. Or if the piano you want to build for a friend has the high tensile strength of a steel rod, it will need a key cutter so that you can get it to fit into the key hole if you don’t have a special key cutter.

This is all one of many reasons why buying a new music instrument can be one of the most expensive things you’ll ever do.

Piano Build: Special Piano?

Now you’re probably wondering how the price of a piano relates to a piano’s price. Well, first of all, you need to know that most musicians will think of a $