Where is middle C on a piano? – Learn Piano Keys Videos Graciosos

It is near the bottom of the neck, at the highest point of the neck. In the bass and treble, that is C2. There is only a small region where low C falls, or C3, and that’s near the top of the neck.

The sound of a guitar is like a thin string. A string is a bunch of little things that have an electric charge. Each little thing, or “finger”, has a voltage. One finger has a lower “voltage”, and a second finger a higher voltage. The amount of difference in voltage between the finger and the string is dependent upon the pitch of the string. In this guitar, the lower-pitched string gets more lower-voltage, the higher-pitched string gets more higher-voltage. The voltage of the string is a simple concept. It is a number equal to the frequency of a certain note, which is itself an equal number, with their frequencies the same (but the differences between the frequencies are in different areas of space). For higher notes (high frequencies), the voltage is higher; for lower notes the voltage is lower.

Each string vibrates at a particular speed. Each speed gets a “bounce” of energy that changes the amount of voltage across the finger. The higher the speed, the higher the voltage. Therefore, the slower the speed, the more the voltage of the string will be higher. To illustrate this, I created a picture that depicts how fast the finger is bouncing across the string.

In this picture, the finger is a little bit higher on the fingerboard, so that the speed that the finger gets bouncing around is higher. I have placed small circles on the fingers for you to see the frequency of each speed. You can see that all of these patterns are the same, and the higher the speed, the higher the rate of bounce. When the finger is much higher than the middle C of the string, or when the finger is a little bit lower than the middle C of the string, it doesn’t get to vibrate as fast. This can be seen by moving your index finger, or your thumb, around so as to move the finger along with the frequency of the note. It gets faster.
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Now, compare this to a piano. The notes are all the same, but the finger will never get to vibrate as fast because the note starts with no voltage across the string. The finger is moving slowly, and will never get to bounce quite as far as

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