Can I make music on my phone? – Rock N Learn States And Capitals Rap By Professor Gg

Absolutely! You can share some of your music on your phone in the Photos app.

Can I create a podcast?

Absolutely! Just tap the “Make a Pod” icon in the Podcasts view.

I want to change the name of my podcast!

To change your podcast’s name, go here and click the “Name” link at the top of any page on the site where you upload your audio.

Can my podcast be published on other sites?

Yes, as long as it is hosted on the same platform or it is on the same host, like a website, you can publish an audio podcast from the site you host it on.

Why did you remove the podcast download button?

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In order to bring the most flexibility to our users, all you need do for us is submit an audio podcast for approval.

I have a website that hosts your podcasts. Could I have them? How long will it take to install your software?

All we ask is that you give us some credit to our domain:

Are there any other podcasting platforms out there that you think we should host podcasts on, if so, please let us know!

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