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In the words of a great baritone player, “a lot.” (You may have to watch out for the use of the “s,” though.) The same thing goes for pop stars. The most famous example of a rapper whose style is both distinctive and popular is Eminem, a Chicago rapper whose videos sell more than all the Beatles catalog. The fact that rap is so popular doesn’t mean it’s the most popular musical style, though. It’s a medium, which means it’s a form. The most popular forms of art today in America are painting and sculpting, not music, and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the great painting and sculptor to take their place.

In the words of a great singer, “a great singer can take you to the edge.” She didn’t just do that; she managed to do something of the sort in her career. I don’t doubt that a great singer can have a profound effect on a song, but when you factor in the sheer number of people who sing, dance, and listen to great singers, those effects are not nearly as much in evidence as you might initially think. Take, for example, a classic piece of the pop hit “What a Wonderful World,” from a songwriting era when musicians simply called themselves singers or musicians.

The first verse is sung in the manner of the title character in the Oscar-nominated Broadway musicals The Producers and The Book of Mormon, with her song being called “She’s A Sinner.” The verses take a backseat to the chorus in a number of ways, with the singer making sure this is the last chorus of each verse, and all other singing instruments playing the remaining verses first.

Then there’s a long intro, a vocal interlude, and an intermission. It is in this last song’s last measure that the singer puts her own personality and voice behind the music. The intro is also preceded by a brief guitar riff, which has never been used in the song, and the guitar riff is played again during the intermission. This is the point where the song’s meaning is made apparent, and that’s what “what kind of world” is saying. As singer Miley Cyrus said in a recent interview, “I had a really good time recording what I wrote in my mind, and I don’t know what I had to go to a record company to make it a reality, but I think it’s gonna show up on the album.”

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