Can I teach myself ukulele? – Beginner Ukulele Songs Riptide

No, you have to find somebody to practice with. It doesn’t matter if you have a beginner ukulele or a professional who can play you something you can’t play on your own, people can’t keep up if you don’t have to practice with them. There is no more room for error on a ukulele than anywhere else.

Can I bring my guitar to practice with?

No. Just because you want to bring your guitar to practice with doesn’t mean that your instructor is gonna let you play it. You better have your teacher’s permission or you will be treated like a wacko in the practice room. It’s not safe.

Are there any fees for renting equipment?

It depends on what instrument the ukulele is. If the instructor is willing to give you a good deal you can buy your own ukulele without going through the process of renting it on his dime. So that’s up to you.

Can I bring my bass to practice with?

The teacher usually doesn’t take it up, but he can always ask one of the other players on the band or in the room to take it. Sometimes the instructor will give you a bass to practice with and it will be a good deal. If you are the soloist he won’t let you practice on the bass at all, so don’t ask him to do that unless he tells you. If you have a guitar with a good tone you might consider getting a bass that has a good sound rather than buying an ukulele like a beginner.

What happens if I change instruments?

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This happens to everyone in ukulele circles. The first instrument you play in the band is always going to be the first to go. Most players want to play one instrument during the rehearsal period and then the other instrument will be available for their practice. If a guitar is unavailable for a long time, the other uke you might have will be the one that the instructor teaches.

How can I bring in the other ukulele players on my band?

That is a good question, and this is one that most beginners can’t answer. A lot of people learn to play the ukulele because they can play so much. You can’t do that with the other instrument on the same instrument.

Is it okay to jam or practice with other ukulele players without an instructor on stage?


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