Can you learn ukulele by yourself? – Best Ukulele For Beginners

I’m doing a lot of homework this time and I know the basics but the real question might be if I can learn it on my own time. Yes it can be learned in a couple of weeks of study. Maybe a few hours. Maybe not. But I’m not trying to spend my evenings studying ukulele as I really enjoy this instrument. But I’d like to learn by myself, if I just did it. If this can be done from my own time I feel like I could do it. I’m not going to ask my teachers for help so far that’s for sure. What am I talking about? Well I know nothing and don’t really understand. I’ve never held a ukulele and I’ll never have a teacher to show me the music. And that’s totally OK. I don’t need help and if someone wants to give it a go then by all means do it. But I’ll be fine without anyone. So far I’ve played this instrument just once and it was good. I don’t really know the ukulele in the first place but I have played it once or twice. But I haven’t had as much fun with it as I’d love to as a beginner. But it really doesn’t matter if I don’t like the instrument. I want to learn it and I’m not complaining as I believe there is something to be said about ukulele music and the way that it is passed on. I know some of the ukulele players already and I was amazed by the way the instruments sounded on YouTube even in the low quality. But I just wouldn’t put these instruments to that level. This one I really like. But it’s too expensive for my budget so I can’t afford to spend a lot of time learning it. And I have little interest in playing on drums or other instruments as I love to listen to music. I’m more interested in playing this for me with a friend or my friend’s family, but in that case there will be no one to take me for a lesson when I need to learn it. So the bottom line is that you are free to do anything you want with your own time. This is your life and there are tons of good opportunities to spend it. I hope I helped you.

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – The Colombian National Team is in its first appearance of the 2015 Copa América Centenario.

Ukulele Lessons at School of Uke
The team will prepare for the opening game against Paraguay on March 7

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