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No, but that’s just a question I’ve asked myself before. I was also asked why I’d never played a song by the Beatles, and they said I didn’t love them enough. But then when I was about 12 I was playing a Beatles tune, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, on my Ukelele, and he said “don’t bother”, so I did what he had told me.

A young woman, whose Facebook profile shows that she is from the Ukraine, appeared in the Ukraine as the prime accused in a murder-for-hire investigation. She was accused of killing a man who met her on and later, in a telephone conversation, offered her a job. In his reply from the Ukraine, Mr. Langer allegedly asked her to accompany him to another location and said he believed he might be able to get her to do what he requires of her at the expense of his pay. She also allegedly told Mr. Langer that two other men who were waiting for her had hired another prostitute to murder the victim in Ukraine, and that she believed Mr. Langer may be trying to “help them”.

She claims that Mr. Langer told her that “if everything went right” she would receive a thousand dollars.
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BALTIMORE — The Baltimore Orioles’ outfield could add more players to the 30-man active roster before Opening Day after they reached agreement Thursday on an extension that would keep all of the club’s existing players on the roster next season.

“We’ve agreed to terms with every player on that roster,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter said at the team’s annual owners meetings. “We’ve got to lock up all three of the guys in that room now, and we’ve been able to get one of the others that we have under contract as well.”

Baltimore was on the verge of cutting ties to all but Matt Wieters, but they were unable to strike a deal with a couple of clubs before they could begin clearing the 40-man roster.

Showalter said he would have to sit down with the players on the roster to see if they would accept an offer from the Orioles. He added the situation had not changed in regard to Wieters, who could still pitch in a relief role or play in the outfield in his own right.

“He’s a guy that could play all three outfield positions,” Showalter said. “In case Mike was not with us, who he may get

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